Hair Salon | Barbershop

    A busy day at a salon can result in bags of non-recyclable garbage from the day's haircuts, coloring, and spa procedures. Becoming more environmentally-friendly is on the minds of many salon and spa owners, especially as they rethink how they operate and what's being thrown away.

    Dragon Master Foundation encourages salons to participate in the Personal Care and Beauty Brigade, a recycling program which helps salons and spas move toward more eco-friendly waste management practices. With this program, difficult-to-recycle packaging such as hair color tubes (including aluminum tubes), hair care product containers, skin cream tubes, cosmetic packaging, and any other plastics or tubes can now be recycled.

    Every 11 pound box will be recycled into items for use in playgrounds and community gardens or other items such as pencil cases, Frisbees, or plastic lumber. For every shipment that is sent in, Dragon Master Foundation will receive a donation. Not only will you reduce the amount of waste from your salon and help the environment, but you'll also be raising money for pediatric brain cancer research. Everybody wins!

 Make the world greener and fight cancer at the same time!

​Recycling for Research